2021/22 Unscripted Content in Development:

Football Forward - (in production) Covering the positives in NFL football and how players, teams and the NFL pay it forward and help to make the world a better place. 

Co-production of sports driven talk shows, game shows and competition formats. 

Co-Production of 3 Original Game Show Formats with Chatsby Media. 

2021/22 Scripted Content in Development/Production/Post-Production: 

EXO Rising - A feature length sports documentary centered around a paralyzed athlete. 

Covering a paraplegic athlete running the LA Marathon and how he inspires others to do the same.  In a raw and evocative telling, the film takes place at the crossroads between the human spirit and the technological revolution that is happening around the globe. The film illustrates the tenacity, pain, struggle and triumph that is occurring in medical and bio-mechanical sciences and how people with catastrophic spinal cord injuries are changing the way we think about injury and sports. The film is a grand adventure and a story of triumph over pain and adversity. Driven by personal narratives of two friends, it challenges us all to see into the future to a time when spinal cord injury is something that is an inconvenience and not a life sentence where people are deflected to the fringes of society.  

The Atlantis Grail Book Series - In development to bring award winning Author, Vera Nazarian's  best selling SYFY books to TV as a series.