405 Productions is a boutique television and film production company focused on the development and sale of original content for the domestic and international TV and Film markets. 

At 405, we are presently focusing our creative energies on game show and alternative competition formats as well as sports driven content for talk shows (FOOTBALL FORWARD - In Production) Sports Documentaries (EXO RISING - In Production) and sports competition formats while  expanding our slate of original scripted content for film and TV.   Currently we have several game show/competition and sports formats in development. We are telling the stories of compelling and influential athletes with a pay it forward mentality to change the world around us for the better and to help others strive for excellence on the field of play but more importantly off the field, while in the classroom, community and at home.   

405 Productions, Inc., was founded by company President Richard Joel.  Joel has assembled a core team of seasoned development executives, and an array of entertainment professionals who all help to bring the 405 content from concept to full production.   Joel is leading the team as they build a production and development company with ambitious plans and a deep knowledge of the industry.  The 405 team has produced or creatively contributed to major brands across the industry.

It is our intention to bring innovative, creative and quality programming to the big screen and TV, that excites, entertains, and has a positive message for  audiences worldwide. 

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